Spon End drop-in notice

We have been informed that the heating at Spon Gate School is broken and so we will be unable to are unable to offer our normal drop-in advice session this coming Friday (15th December).

There is an alternative advice session available this Friday, between 9.30 – 12 noon, at Stoke Library, The Kingsway, CV2 4EA.

Due to Christmas closures, our next session at Spon Gate School will now be on Friday 12th January 2018.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Monday 11th December 2017

Due to the bad weather, we are unable to offer any of our normal advice sessions today. This is due to building closures and travel difficulties.

If you have an appointment to see one of our advisers today, please call us on 024 76521100.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused. Hopefully, normal service will be restored tomorrow.

NAWRA conference

We are really proud to be hosting the National Association of Welfare Rights Advisers (NAWRA) conference in Coventry on Friday 1st December 2017.

NAWRA brings together advisers from across the UK for a day of workshops, guest speakers and information sharing.  We expect to welcome around 100 advisers from organisations including charities like ourselves, local authority staff, Citizens Advice teams and other welfare services.  It should be a fantastic day!

We would like to thank Tina Wukics, from the Partnership for Coventry, for her support in helping to arrange the event and to all the people who have given up their time to deliver workshops and speaker sessions.  Thank you all!

Coventry Food Charter

In April 2017, The Trussell Trust reported that their network of 428 food banks gave out nearly a record number of 1.2 million three-day emergency food supplies.

Issues of hunger, poverty and injustice are at the forefront of debate right now.  One recent development is the Coventry Food Charter, which sets out a vision for what we can do about food poverty if we work together.  It recognises the need to deal with both emergency food crises and the development of a sustainable and secure food system, the centrality of the universal right to food and the aim of achieving food justice.

There will be a public launch of the Coventry Food Charter on Thursday 16 November 2017 between 5pm-7pm at St. Mary’s Guildhall.  The launch is free to attend but you must sign up on Eventbrite.

Also of interest is a recent report by Rachel Loopstra & Doireann Lalor, from Oxford University, that considers many of the issues around injustice and UK hunger.  The report, published jointly with the Trussell Trust, ‘Financial insecurity, food insecurity, and disability: the profile of people receiving emergency food assistance from The Trussell Trust Foodbank Network in Britain‘, is an essential read.

Privacy and data protection

In order to deal with your problems, and to help us demonstrate the value of our service, we may ask to collect and store personal and sensitive information about you.

To give more information about the reasons why we might need to collect information about you, and what we will do with that information, we have updated the privacy and data protection page on our website.

Advice in Canley

Unfortunately, due to staffing changes and access difficulties, we have reluctantly had to suspend our ‘drop-in’ advice service from Canley Children’s Centre at Charter Primary School.

The nearest alternative session is now at Tile Hill Children’s Centre/Family Hub in Jardin Crescent.  That advice session is every Wednesday, from 9.30am.

We do hope to return to Canley in the near future and will post details here if the situation changes.

We would like to thank all the staff at the Children’s Centre and at Charter Primary School for their support.

Details of all alternative advice sessions can be found at http://covadvice.org.uk/advice/advice-calendar/

Annual General Meeting 2017

We would like to give advance notice of our annual general meeting (AGM).  It will be held on Friday 3rd November at 11.00am at Queens Road Baptist Church.  Full details here.

All of our ‘drop-in’ sessions will operate as normal but our main office and telephone lines will be closed until 2pm.


Advice in Stoke Library

We are really pleased to announce that a new ‘drop-in’ advice session will start at Stoke Library, Kingsway, CV2 4EA, on Friday 8th September.  The session will run every Friday from 9:30 am.

You do not need an appointment but please note that the time available is limited and our adviser is normally only able to see a small number of people at each session. We see people on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis and we may have to ask you to come back another day once the session is full.

If you have a form to fill in, or if you think your enquiry might take a while to deal with, please call us to see if an appointment is available.