Coventry Independent Advice Service is a charity offering free advice, information and support to Coventry residents.  We have been awarded the Advice Quality Standard, a nationally recognised quality mark for organisations providing free, independent advice to members of the public. 

Our service is confidential and our skilled advisers can help you with things like:

  • Identifying entitlement to benefits and helping you make claims
  • Helping you to sort out debt or other money problems
  • Challenging decisions on benefit claims
  • Giving basic advice and information about housing and other issues
  • Helping you find other kinds of support.

Our advice services are delivered in your community in places like Family Hubs, libraries and community centres. We offer ‘drop-in’​ advice in locations across Coventry and our advice is available in at least two areas on any weekday.

You can come along to any of our ‘drop-in’ advice sessions. You do not need an appointment but please note that the time available at these ‘drop-in’ sessions is limited and our adviser is normally only able to see a small number of people at each session. We see people on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis and we may have to ask you to come back another day once our session is full.

If your problem is likely to take a while to deal with, or needs us to do further work, we may need to make you an appointment to come back on another day. Please note that you will normally need to make an appointment if you need help with benefit claim or enquiry forms.

Your adviser was so nice and understanding and made me feel comfortable from the start. At a time when I was feeling quite down she made me feel like there was hope.

You can use our interactive Google map to find your nearest location.  You can also use our calendar to find out where and when advice is available without an appointment.  For more information, see our get advice page.

Don’t live in Coventry?  You can search for advice agencies in your area that hold the Advice Quality Standard or you can use the form in the footer of this page to get more options (although these results may not all be quality assured).