Our trustees

Charity trustees play a very important role. They are the people who share ultimate responsibility for governing our charity and directing how it is managed and run. They do not receive any payment and give their time freely to ensure that Coventry Independent Advice Service is run in accordance with our governing document and the law. They help shape our future!

Our current Trustees are:

  • Damon Swindell (Chair). Damon was our former AQS assessor who joined our board in 2021. He is a management consultant to the legal profession and works as a freelance quality assessor.
  • Cllr Rachel Lancaster (Vice Chair). Rachel is one of the elected councillors for the Holbrook ward. Among her responsibilities, she is a member of the Business Economy and Enterprise Scrutiny Board.
  • James Rose (Treasurer). James joined the board at the 2022 AGM and was previously our independent financial assessor and accountant. He is a partner with an accountancy firm in Coventry.
  • Mark Monaghan. Mark is an independent social work consultant and mentor. He has over 20 years’ experience in child protection.
  • Isabelle Osborne. Isabelle is manager of Coventry and District Credit Union. She has worked in the community for many years and has strong links with our advice service.
  • Zainib Hussain. Zainib joined the board at our 2022 AGM. She brings a wealth of lived experience in addition to over 30 years in the charity sector. She is currently working as a freelance welfare and engagement officer for a rare disease charity.
  • Cllr Joseph Clifford. Joe is also an elected councillor for the Holbrook ward. Among his responsibilities, he is a member of the Health and Social Care Scrutiny Board.