Appointments policy

As an advice charity, we try to do the best that we can to provide a high-quality service to as many clients as we can.   Our service is always in high demand and many people in Coventry need our help.   

An important part of our service is to advise clients by appointment.   Sometimes this is not necessary, as clients may take away information and be able to help themselves.   However, some clients need an appointment to discuss their problem in detail.

When clients miss appointments without giving us notice, it can have a serious impact on the service because that appointment slot is unfilled.  This reduces the number of clients that we can see and prevents us from helping more people.  For that reason, we have the following policy to deal with appointment problems.

1.      If you are going to be late for your appointment

If you are going to be late, please telephone 024 7652 1100 as soon as you can.

  • 1–10 minutes late: Please let us know as soon as you can that you are going to be slightly late – we will try to keep your appointment open so that you are still seen by an adviser.
  • 10–15 minutes late: If you arrive more than 10 minutes late it may be that the adviser cannot help you because we will have given your appointment to someone else.  It will depend very much on the circumstances of that day.
  • 15–45 minutes late: If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, we will have assumed that you were not going to attend your appointment.  Also, because other clients will be scheduled to be seen, it is unlikely that we will be able to advise you and you will need to return on another day.

2.      If you cannot attend your appointment

If you are not able to attend your appointment, please telephone 024 7652 1100 as soon as you can.  This will allow us to give your ‘slot’ to someone else.   If it is your first cancelled appointment, we will try and give you another appointment as soon as possible.

3.      If you miss ONE appointment

We understand that life can be complicated and that unforeseen circumstances do arise.   If you are going to miss a single appointment, please let us know and we will try to reschedule another one as soon as we can.

Please note that we are very busy, and it could be a few weeks before another appointment is available.  This is one of the reasons that we advise all clients to attend their appointments, especially if their problem is urgent.

If you do not contact us to let us know that you are not going to attend, we will note this on our computer system and assume that you no longer need our help.

4.      If you miss TWO OR MORE appointments

If you have already missed one appointment, we hope that you will make every effort to attend a second appointment.  If you fail to attend your second appointment, we will assume that you no longer need our help.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, it is unlikely that we will be able to offer you another appointment.  You would need to access our drop-in service again.  Alternatively, you might find it more convenient to seek advice from another organisation.

If you consistently fail to attend our appointments, or if you continually ignore the advice that we have given, then we may exclude you from our service.  This will only be done in the most serious of circumstances and we will always notify you in writing if we intend to do this.

5.      If WE need to reschedule your appointment

Whilst we make every effort to ensure that you are seen when your appointment is scheduled, there are occasions when we may need to reschedule your appointment because a volunteer or member of staff is ill, or due to circumstances beyond our control.   If we need to reschedule your appointment, we undertake to:

  • Contact you as soon as we become aware of the problem.  We will always try to telephone you to let you know that there is a problem.  This is why it is so important to leave us a telephone number or an alternative way of getting a message to you.
  • If we cannot reach you by telephone, we will leave a voicemail explaining that there is a problem, with a request that you contact us on 024 7652 1100 to rearrange your appointment.
  • If you have given us your mobile phone number, we will also send you an SMS text message.
  • If we haven’t heard from you by the end of the day, and if there is enough notice, we will notify you in writing of the need to reschedule.  However, in some instances this may not be possible, as the problem may have arisen at very short notice (for example, if an adviser has called in sick that morning).
  • If we need to reschedule, we will try to offer you another appointment at the same location, or one elsewhere if urgency dictates that this is necessary.

We appreciate that your problem may be very urgent and that you may have nowhere else to turn to – for that reason we apologise for any inconvenience that rescheduling your appointment causes.

6.      Comments, suggestions and complaints

If you have any feedback about our service or our appointments policy, we want to hear from you.

Sometimes you may be very happy with the service.  But sometimes you may not be happy with the service we provide.   However, unless you tell us, it can be difficult for us to know.

If you have any comments, suggestions or complaints, then please write to us or email  This allows us to consider your feedback in detail and we can respond to you in writing.  Full details of our complaints procedure can be found on our website.

We will always try to resolve the issue to your satisfaction if we can.   If we can, we will try to change the aspect of the service that you are unhappy with or try to find another solution for you.

If you have problems writing to us, you can telephone us on 024 76521100.  If you have difficulty communicating in writing and by phone, please attend one of our drop-in services and we will arrange for someone to take details of your feedback for further action.